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TUV CB 40W LED Emergency driver

  TUV CB 40W LED Emergency driver work with led lights with external driver  for emergency lighting, matching to power 3W to 50W LED lights, LED panel light,led downlight and all led lights with external driver, converts it an emergency lighting when power failure,The Brightness of led light is 45%-50% of electric lighting in emergency lighting。

When power supply normally, inverter makes emergency lighting battery group in charging or standby state, when earthquake, struck, explosion, accident or other emergency happened, AC suddenly interrupted, inverter power supply for battery immediately converted to emergency lighting group DC, ensure lamps lighting and safety and red, Blue and green, three LED indicators showed Charging, charging, main power, when battery charging saturation, automatically access to power state, compensate self-discharge, maintain battery life and performance

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Product Details
Model: FAT-LED-F1A tc
InputPower: 3-40W (MAX 50W)
Emergency power:4W
Charging Time: 24hours
Battery:li-ion 18650 3.7V 2400mAH/3500mHA
Input voltage:85-265V
Emergency time:2hrs/3hrs
Certificate:TUV CB CE Rohs
Application: led lights 3-40w with external driver,like led Panel light,led downlight
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