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40W Emergency tube kit

40W Emergency kit  is suitable for led tube and other led lights,emergency power is 100% full power output,very suitable for led light with driver built in housing.
It is being charged when AC power works. when fully charged, the circuit will protect the battery from over being-charged, and the emergency is standing by as soon as the battery is fully charged. The battery will be changed to supply power while the AC power fails and make the LED lights work and light up the way for people to escape and dismiss in order.

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Product Details

Model: EM40W

Material:stainless steel

Power for:3W to 40W(MAX 42W)

Emergency driver Size:182*30*25mm

Battery:li-ion 18650 11.1V 4400mAH

Charging time:24hours

Charging power:5W

Standby power:0.5W

Input voltage:85-265V,output230V

Emergency Luminous flux: 100%

Emergency time:300-60min

Certificate:CE Rohs

Application for led lights: LED tube, LED panel light, led downlight, led tri-proof light,led liner light

Wiring Diagram

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